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About The Course

Graphic design has entered every corner of our life. The skills you will acquire after finishing the graphic design classes will help you find the exactly right point in your career. This means you’ll be competitive in the labor market.



Anyone who will use graphic design to create new worlds, who is ready to learn, use their skills, fail, try again, never stop aspiring and always aim for perfection can participate in this graphic design program.



Deep Academy’s graphic design course will give you all the required theoretical and practical knowledge. It will teach you how to perfectly use all the needed tools. We will be using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (prior knowledge is not required). At the end of the course you’ll perfectly master all needed Illustrator and Photoshop tools.



This is a dynamic world, where there is nothing impossible. Will you take the challenge?

Duration: 2 months
Effort: 5 Hours weekly
Price: 125.000 AMD
Level: Beginner


    Course program

    Graphic Design Course Syllabus
    16 classes

    Payment instruction

    Payment Instruction

    Knowledge + Practice = Successful career


    - Theoretical and practical skills
    - Deep and strong basics for becoming a beginner designer
    - Absolute knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator


    - Development of individual projects
    - Art Director’s review
    - Professional portfolio

    Successful career

    - Opportunity for Internship (at Deep)
    - Big chances to find a highly paid job
    - Ensuring sustainable career growth

    Mastering of all the necessary knowledge
    Chance for developing acquired skills
    Opportunity to always work with modern profession

    Diploma Works of Students

    Arpi Mkrtumyan

    Brand Identity Creation | Master Media Production

    Armine Gevorgyan

    Brand Identity Creation | Renaissance Tea House

    Marianna Ghazanchyan

    Brand Identity Creation│Ethnotone Records

    Astghik Pirumyan

    Full Brand Creation │Public Summer Policy School

    Shushanik Ter-Khachatryan

    Full Brandbook | Cherry Moon Cocktail bar

    Mary Mkhitaryan

    Full Brandbook | Sweet Heart Cafe & Bakery

    Marine Petrosyan

    Full Brandbook | Tatiki Garden & House

    Syuzanna Sargsyan

    Full Brandbook | INYELLOW crafts

    Karine Yaralyan

    Full Brandbook | Avocado Agency

    Liza Sargsyan

    Full Brandbook | CHOOSE coffee tea

    Emma Sargsyan

    Brand Identity Creation | Nur

    Rima Manukyan

    Brand Identity Creation | Dolce pastry

    Gor Karapetyan

    Rebranding | ARMA production

    Sofi Gevorgyan

    Branding | Libri

    Anahit Asaturyan

    Branding | Manana

    Julia Sedoyan

    Brand Identity Creation | Wood Toy Land

    Lilit Manukyan

    Brand Identity Creation | Loly candy cotton

    Janna Barseghyan

    Brand Identity Creation | Robinson

    Program summary

    Unique skills

    With the acquired skills and imagination you will be able to visualize your and your clients’ thinking into something amazing.


    You will have all required knowledge for perfectly practicing Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in just two months.

    Creative thinking

    By working on your personal and real project you will develop your creative thinking which will help you to find original ideas inside your head.

    Portfolio & Certificate

    After working on real projects with real people and real results you’ll have a portfolio and a certificate which will ensure your professional look.