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Google Ads in 3 days

Google ads 3 days

Google ads 3 days


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About The Course

Have you ever thought of why do you see specific ads in your news feed? Or why and how does Grammarly ad appear on YouTube? And finally, who or what is responsible for all the ads on the web?


Our 8-hour informative and concise course is based on actual case studies, and it includes the following topics:


• Advertising campaigns. general introduction

• Advertising Campaign Types

• 5 Types of Advertising

• Google Ads vs SEO

• Bidding Strategy

• Strategy Development and Implementation

• Google Analytics

• Remarketing



During the course, our qualified trainer will also talk about all the essential aspects of digital marketing.

Duration: 3 Days
Effort: 7.5 Hours weekly
Price: 15.000 AMD
Level: Beginner

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Knowledge + Practice = Successful career


- Theoretical & Practical Knowledge - Profound knowledge base for creating powerful landing pages - Marketing Psychology & Neurology


- Practical experience of creating landing pages - Functional Skills - Practical Work


- Ability to be your own boss - Good chances of getting high-paying jobs - Constant career growth

Understanding all the necessary information
Chance of improving your skills
A real chance of working with a modern profession

Program summary

Diploma at the end

Diploma at the end


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