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Basic SEO Online Course

Basic SEO Online Course

Basic SEO Online Course


Experienced Trainer + Hard Work



Practical Skills
Analytic Thinking
SEO Experience
Basic Knowledge

About The Course

If you want to boost your website, increase your traffic and conversions and rank high in search engines, then this course is just for you.


This course will help you get the highest possible rankings while introducing you to such important principles as search engines, links, indexing, ranking, on/off-site optimization, meta-tags, outbound and inbound links, as well as keyword search, content optimization, link building, etc.


During this interactive and advanced course, you will learn the basic SEO toolkit from scratch, which will become the main foundation for starting your professional career. 


At the end of the course, students will gain a great experience of working with real projects and will get certificates of completion.

Duration: 4 Sessions
Effort: 8 Hours weekly
Price: 30 000 AMD
Level: Beginner

Course program

Payment instruction

Payment Method
SEO Online Course

Knowledge + Practice = Successful career


- Theoretical and practical knowledge
- Advanced and literate SEO foundation
- On-Page and Off-page SEO knowledge


- Keyword strategies
- Keyword planner tools
- Linkbuilding strategies


- A chance of becoming your own boss
- A chance of getting a high-paid job
- Ensuring your continuously growing career

Knowledge of all the necessary skills
Great opportunity to develop skills
An Opportunity to work in a popular job market

Program summary

Keyword Strategy

Putting the right keywords in the right place will improve the website's content, and help you become a highly demanded SEO specialist and a leading industry expert.

Website Optimization

You will be able to increase the authority of websites while getting higher rankings on search engines. This way you'll make your products closer to potential new customers.

Diploma at the end


Graduates about the course