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UX/UI design

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About The Course

UI is the way you drive a car, UX is the feeling you have while driving. Our trainer will teach you to perfectly master both.


Deep Academy’s two-month intensive course will give you an opportunity to learn all the basics and more for User Interface and User Experience. You’ll be able to apply the new skills acquired in real projects and become a UX/UI designer.


The training offered by a leading specialist in the field covers all theoretical and practical elements of UX / UI design.


During the course you will learn how to work with Adobe XD and Affinity Designer programs. By the way prior knowledge is not required.


You can learn practical experience working on real projects, with real people, and real results and in the end you’ll have a professional portfolio and a certificate.

Duration: 3 months
Effort: 5 Hours weekly
Price: 180.000 AMD
Level: Beginner


    Course program

    UX / UI Course Syllabus

    Payment instruction

    Payment Instruction

    Knowledge + Practice = Successful career


    - Theoretical and practical skills - Deep and strong basics for becoming a beginner UX/UI designer - Absolute knowledge of Adobe XD and Affinity Designer


    - Development of individual projects - Art Director’s review - Professional portfolio

    Successful career

    - Opportunity for Internship (at Deep) - Big chances to find a highly paid job - Ensuring sustainable career growth

    Mastering of all the necessary knowledge
    Chance for developing acquired skills
    Opportunity to always work with modern profession.

    Diploma Works of Students

    Anna Sokhakyan

    Cardio Sport & Health | Application design

    Ani Virabyan

    Travel go | Web design

    Edita Tshartaryan

    Home decoration | Web design

    Milena Martirosyan

    Application design | citybike

    Karine Arzumanyan

    For the Creative Ones | Web design

    Robert Manukyan

    Extreme Travel | Web design

    Nora Smbatyan

    Web Design | Healthy Eating

    Taguhi Ashikyan

    Be Home | Web Design

    Mariam Petrosyan

    Our Children | Web Dashboard

    Arman Parsyan

    Concept app for Lexus car

    Yelena Ghukasyan

    Career Portal | Website Design

    Mariam Movsisyan

    Nike Application

    Program summary


    We believe that everyone has a talent and ability to succeed in life. We will help you to acquire the right skills to achieve your goals.

    Find creative solutions

    You will sharpen your skills of finding creative and original solutions for any task.

    Set goals correctly

    We will help you to set the right goals with careful consideration and will teach you how to achieve it.

    Portfolio & Certificate

    After working on real projects with real people and real results you’ll have a portfolio and a certificate which will ensure your professional look.