Graphic Design, UI/UX Design and Digital Marketing Courses

The Deep Academy offers professional courses in Graphic Design, UI/UX Design and Digital Marketing.

The Deep Academy was founded on the idea that only the best professionals shape the future. We will help you to become one of the bests. Due to our immersive courses and your hard work you’ll become the dream-worker of many local and international companies.

Have you ever dreamed about meeting a rock-star? After our professional Graphic Design course you’ll be the Kurt Cobain of design world. If you want to be the Freddie Mercury of the Digital Marketing world, we have the keys to that exact stage. You’ll rock as Mick Jagger did after UX / UI course.

We’re not afraid of competition. On the contrary, we want to cultivate the next generation of marketers and designers that will breathe new life into the marketing world and use the skills and insights we teach to improve the field and be the innovators of tomorrow.

We walk with time. Our always up-to-date materials, highly qualified trainers and invited specialists / speakers will share with you their knowledge and expertise, so that you become one of the field’s leading experts yourself.

The Deep Academy’s courses are designed in small groups where everyone can get the chance and time to ask, earn and practice. Students can earn practical experience working on real projects, with real people and real results. All courses are taught by top professionals and guest lecturers with years of international experience.

At the end of our courses students will have portfolio-ready personal projects and valuable references from us. We have an internship opportunity for our best students. Also we have strong industry connections and can guarantee job-placement for our top students. We want to see each student succeed, and take a quality over quantity approach.

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Frequently Asked Question

We will have guest speakers and specialists will share their experience and knowledge with students. We work with real projects and cases that will give you an idea of how a real work process goes. Training materials are refreshed periodically while trainings are conducted by leading specialists.

Based on Deep Academy experience we say YES, 2 months are enough to learn both practical and theoretical parts and be expert in the field. Many of our previous sudents are working by their profession today.

Of course you can. Your knowledge in the topics will give you possibility to improve your skills, discover the unkown and aquire new skills with our trainers and be more professional.

All participants of Deep Academy will be provided with computers. If you wish to use yours, please bring it with you.

Our trainings provide the entire course, which means that it trains the participants from scratch or from zero. No prior knowledge is required for the suggested three training courses.

You can pay via transfer with 2 stages: first part before the training start, second one: before the second month. Or you can pay at once the whole amount of the free.